Daydreamers and Sleepwalkers

This guys art makes me feel good. I have a hunch he was an avid people watcher, like me.

I imagine he really loved mankind with all its flaws. There is a certain absurdity to these pictures. I have a hard time imagining them being made be someone who got all their people drawing skills from life drawing classes. The thing about people watching is that it can make you compassionate toward people in a sudden and non logical way(sudden and non logical being the definition of absurd). Some people try to turn it into a sort of competitive sport with the other player oblivious to the game. But hey, sudden and non logical things can be scary, so no pressure.

Olaf Gulbransson is primarily known for his work in late 1800’s-early 1900’s satire magazine Simplicissimus. He is not very well known, at least not in the US. I would love to have some of this guys work in print, so Fantagraphics if your reading this hint hint.

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